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Sunan Abu Dawood is one of the Kutub Sittah hadith collections.


Table of Contents



Kitab as Sunan famous as Sunan Abu Dawood



It was written by Imaam Abu Dawood Sajistaani. He was born in Sajistan in 202 A.H. and passed away on Friday 16 Shawwaal 275A.H. in Basrah at the age of 73.


Methods of Classification and Annotation

(1)   The traditions that are mentioned in Sahihain (Sahih Bhukari and Sahih Muslim).

(2)   Traditions that are in accordance with the conditions of authors of Sunan.

(3)   There are traditions which contain matters that are in a bird's view contradictory to the chapter mentioned before. But, the purpose behind it is that these traditions have not been out of the sight of these authors. They do not mean that these traditions are in fact Sahih but most of the time the authors themselves have pointed out its fault and mistake.


Duration of Compilation

Imaam Abu Dawood had completed his Kitaab before the year 241A.H. On completing it, he presented it to his Ustaadh Ahmad Bin Hanbal , who praised it very greatly.


Number of Ahadeeth

Ibn Daastah R.A. narrates his Ustaadh’s saying: “I have written 500000 Ahaadeeth from Rasulullah  (peace be upon Him)! of these I have selected 4800 which I have included in this Kitaab!” Biography of Imam Abu Dawood. It is divided into 43 books.



Hafiz Ibn Hajar Asqalani says that the traditions mentioned in Abu dawood without a comment cannot be said as Hasan; rather they are divided in to four sections: (a) the traditions are found in Sahihain or are merely Sahih. (b) Some of them are Hasan li Zatihi (c) some are Hasan li Ghairihi. The traditions about which Imam Abu Dawood kept mum are generally related to the second and third grades. (d) Some are Za'eef (weak), but the weakness is not so powerful; since none of the narrators of him is unanimously forsaken and rejected by scholars, al-Nukat ala Kitab ibn al-Salah, Vol1, P 453.


Imam Ibn Salah says that the traditions mentioned in Abu dawood without a comment if they are not found in Sahihain (Sahih Bukhari and Muslim)  and none of the Imam of Hadith has criticized on it then we shall take that Hadith as 'Hasan' of Abu Dawood though it is not Hasan according to other scholars of Hadith, Uloomul Hadith.



1.         The Biography of Imam Abu Dawood edited by Mufti Afzal Hussain Elias

            al-Nukat ala Kitab ibn al-Salah, Vol1, P 453


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