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At a time when Islam is faced with hostile media coverage particularly where the status of women in Islam is concerned, it may be quite surprising to learn that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, and even more ironic to discover that the majority of converts to Islam are WOMEN.



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In Islam there is absolutely no difference between men and women as far as their relationship to Allah (Glory be to Him) is concerned, as both are promised the same reward for good conduct and the same punishment for evil conduct. The Qur'an says: And for women are rights over men similar to those of men over women. Qur’an.Surah Baqarah 2:228



Prophet Muhammed (May Allah honour Him and grant Him peace): "Assuredly, women are counterpart of men. " Sunan Abi Dawud, 236; Musnad Ahmad, 25663. Classed as saheeh by Al-Albaani in Sahih Al-Tirmidhi

Status of women in society

The status of women in society is neither a new issue, nor is it a fully settled one. And where Islam is mentioned, for many the term 'Muslim Women' prompts images of exhausted mothers chained to the stove, 'victims' suppressed in a life of indoctrination, frantic to be westernized and so on. Others will go to great lengths to explain how the hijab is an obstacle, clouding the mind, and comment that female converts are either brainwashed, stupid or traitors to their sex. Better to reject such accusations and pose to them the following question: why is it that so many women who have been born and brought in the so called 'civilized' societies of Europe and America are willing to reject their 'liberty' and 'independence' to embrace a religion of Islam that supposedly oppresses them and is widely assumed to be prejudicial to them?


Rejecting the 'freedom' of WEST

Reasons for rejecting the 'freedom' that women claim to have in this society in favour of the only Religion that truly liberates women by giving women status and position, which is completely unique when compared with that of our non-Muslim counterparts. The problem was ongoing: new 'women's issues' being raised without the previous ones being satisfactorily resolved. Image is being projected in Media, giving men the greater privileges. Allah (Glory be to Him) said in Qur’an that women have souls in exactly the same way as men and will enter Paradise if they do good: Enter into Paradise, you and your wives, with delight. Qur’an.Surah Zukhraf 43:70

However, despite many criticisms towards Islam, inwardly, many are not satisfied with their own status as a woman in this society. It seems that society would define such terms as 'liberty' and 'freedom' and then these definitions were accepted by women without us even attempting to question or challenge them. There was clearly a great contradiction between what women were told in theory and what actually happened in practice.


Muslim Women

Muslim women in Islam have been given their rights in every aspect of the religion with clear definitions of their role in society - as had men - with no injustice against either of them. As Allah (Glory be to Him) says: "Whoever does deeds of righteousness, be they male or female, and have faith, they will enter paradise and not the least injustice will be done to them." Qur’an.Surah Nisa 4:124



Islam indicates that a man who honors, respects and deals with women justly and integrally, possesses a healthy and righteous personality, whereas a man who mistreats them is an unrighteous and unrespectable man.


The Prophet of Allah (May Allah honour Him and grant Him peace) said: The most complete believer is the best in character, and the best of you is the best to his womenfolk. Tirmidhi 1162


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