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Tawheed means to single out Allah with all forms of worship, so that you make all of your worship for Allah alone.


Allah says: "...and the religion will be entirely for Allah" (Soorah Al-Anfaal 8:39).The word religion in this ayath means worship, as Allah says: "and I have not created the Jinn nor Mankind except to worship Me" (Soorah Ath-Thaariyaat 51:56). And Allah says: "and worship Allah, and do not ascribe a single partner to Him" (Soorah An-Nisaa' 4:36). Allah also says: "So call on Allah, making the religion entirely for Him, even if the disbelievers detest it" (Soorah Ghaafir 40:14).


This is the meaning of Tawheed - to single out Allah in all acts of worship and to abandon the worship of anything else.


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One of the many common questions that are asked to me by non-Muslims is “If God does exist what reasons do we have to believe He is one?” This question is important as it addresses a fundamental concept in Islamic theology, the concept of oneness. The oneness of God, in Arabic 'Tawheed', is a central theme in the Qur’an and a message of all of the Prophets, the Qur’an eloquently describes the nature of God and His oneness in the 112th chapter,


{Say, "He is Allah , [who is] One,Allah , the Eternal Refuge.He neither begets nor is born,Nor is there to Him any equivalent."}


In light of this there are many ways to answer the question referring to God’s singularity and uniqueness, thereby providing a positive case for the oneness of God, and they range from theological to philosophical arguments.

1.   Logical Inference
2.   Uniqueness
3.   The Quranic Argument


Logical Inference

The logic of the existence of an infinite creator is one and one only. There cannot be another infinite being as this is illogical. He has to be unique, as only finite entities can be more than one. Thus, He cannot have a spouse or a child, nor can he have a gender. He cannot be divisible into different personalities, as only finite entities can all be divided. By the same token, He cannot be partitioned into different roles because partitioning means putting limits that negates infiniteness.



The cause of the universe must be unique, as the Qur’an says “There is nothing like Him”. If the cause of the universe was not unique that would mean there are some similarities between the cause of the universe and the universe itself


The Quranic Argument

The argument the Qur’an uses to show that God is one is explained in the following verse, the divine book says, “If there were, in the heavens and the earth, other gods besides God, the heaven and the earth would have collapsed in disorder and chaos." The Qur’an points out that if there were more than one God who created the universe it would be in chaos and there would not be the level of order we find in the cosmos.




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