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A Masjid or Mosque is the building in which Muslims worship Allah سبحانه و تعالى (The God).  Throughout Islamic history, the mosque was the centre of the community and towns formed around this pivotal building. [1] Masjid e Nimra is situated in Arafat, Makkah. [2]


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Nimra mosque is located next to Mount Arafat. Part of the mosque is actually within the borders of Mount Arafat. The distance from Nimra Mosque to Mina is 10kms. [3]


Mosque capacity

The Ministry of Hajj has implemented an expansion project for this Mosque, increasing its area to 124,000 square meters and making part of it into two-stories. The Mosque's capacity has increased to 300,000 pilgrims. After expansion, part of the Mosque exceeded beyond the boundary of Arafat. [4]


Hajj khutba

Prophet Muhammad  delivered the last historic sermon (Khutbah) of Hajj. Every year on 9th Zilhijjah, Hajj Khutba is delivered from this mosque. Only two salat (Prayers) are offered in this mosque during a year.


On Hajj days (9th of Zilhijjah), Imam leads Zuhr and Asar prayers which are offered jointly by pilgrims. During Hajj it is very difficult for every pilgrim to reach here but in other days, the mosque remains empty and might be seen easily. It’s courtyard area remains open for Nawafil prayers but inner hall remains closed. [5]


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