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The Marathi language is the official language of India's Maharashtra state, where the major city of Mumbai is located. Given Mumbai's important cultural and economic status within India, it should come as no surprise that the Marathi language is of great significance to modern India. With roots dating as far back as the 8th century and a flourishing cultural history, Marathi has long played an important role in the country.


Marāṭhī language,  Indo-Aryan language of western and central India. Its range extends from north of Bombay down the western coast past Goa and eastward across the Deccan; in 1966 it became the official language of the state of Mahārāshtra. The standard form of speech is that of the city of Pune (Poona).


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Marathi is classified as part of the Indo-Aryan subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. The languages of the Indo-Aryan family are known to have developed in three major stages: Old Indo-Aryan, also known as Sanskrit; Middle Indo-Aryan, which includes Prakrit and Apabhramsha; and finally, the New Indo-Aryan, which dates from about the 10th century CE.


Historical records and other evidence suggest that the debut of Marathi as a distinct language can be dated to approximately the 8th century. Marathi is thought to have evolved through the Sanskrit, Prakrit and Apabhramsha stages of Indo-Aryan languages. Modern Marathi syntax and grammar points to a connection to Maharashtri Prakrit, an influential Indian language that remained active until the late 9th century.



A variety of regional dialects exist within the Marathi language, with the standard form of the language based on the dialect of Pune. This standardized dialect is influenced not only by the language of the media and academic institutions, but also by the dialect of the educated elite of the region. Differences in dialect within the Marathi language also appear along social lines as set by India's caste system.


Marathi in Maharashtra

Since 1966, Marathi has served as the official language of the Maharashtra state, one of India's most significant states both within the country and internationally. It covers an enormous expanse of territory and is also home to the city of Mumbai (sometimes called Bombay), India's most populous city.



An estimated 70 million native Marathi speakers can be found in the world today, with approximately 20 million additional second-language Marathi speakers, bringing the total number to about 90 million.


Marathi language on websites

Marathi language content available on net is less than 0.1% in terms of percentage.



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