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Izteba or Idhtiba is an Arabic word which means to draw the upper sheet of the Ihram garment under the right arm-pit and, casting it over the left shoulder, leaving the right shoulder bare. Izteba is a Sunnah in Tawaaf Al-Qudoom [the Tawaaf upon arriving in Makkah], so whoever performs Tawaaf without Idhtibaa’, his Tawaaf is valid and he is not required to do anything. [1]


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Islamic meaning

Idhtibaa' is for a person who is in a state of Ihraam [either for Hajj or 'Umrah] to put the right side of his upper garment under his armpit and put the left side over his shoulder, thus showing his right shoulder. Idhtibaa' is desirable for a pilgrim who performs the Tawaaf (circumambulation around the Ka'bah) when he first arrives to Makkah, as regards the person who is performing 'Umrah coming from the Meeqaat (the place wherefrom he is obliged to assume Ihraam) he has the choice either to do so or not do so; but it is better for him to do it in order to abide by the Sunnah. [2]


Izteba during Tawaf Al-Qudoom

This is the mode of ihram used during Tawaf Al-Qudoom. The male pilgrim drapes one end of the top part of his ihram over his left shoulder back-to-front. The other end goes across his back, under his right arm, across his front, and is finally draped over his left shoulder. Idhtiba` is not observed in any other type of Tawaf but it is permissible in other Tawafs. Also, when the pilgrim offers sunnah Prayer after Tawaf Al-Qudoom or an obligatory Prayer during this Tawaf, he must cover both his shoulders. In other words, idtiba` is practiced only while actually performing Tawaf Al-Qudoom. Female pilgrims wear no ihram, so that the question of idtiba` for them does not arise. [3]



Ibn Abu Ya’la reported from his father that the Prophet ()circumambulated the Ka’bah observing idhtiba; He had a green mantle on him.Abu Dawud 1883, Ibn e Majah 2954


Before starting Tawaf you need to uncover your right shoulder by passing the cloth of Ihram below the right arm (through Right armpit) to the top of Left Shoulder. (Known as Haalat-e-Izteba)Sunan Abi Dawood – 1884 [4]


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