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Abū Yaqūb Isḥāq ibn Ibrāhīm ibn Mukhallad al-Ḥandhalī was the Muhaddith , Faqih and Imam of his time. He was teacher of Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Imam Ibn Khuzaymah and many well known scholors. Rahwayh, a surname of his father Abul-Hasan Ibrahim, and he was called that because he was born on the road to Makkah and ‘road’ in Persian is ‘Rah’ and ‘Wayh’ means ‘to find’, thus it means ‘found in the road’,  Wafiyat al-A’yan 1/200.


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Imam Ishaq bin Rahwayh was born in 163 A.H.  He was an Imam of famous mention from the people of Marw, a place in Nisabur. He was one whose statements and preferences were followed and sought after, and he was from the closest people to Ahmad bin Hanbal   He reached Baghdad more than once and was considered as among the Huffadh of its people, their praiseworthy, and he returned to Khurasan and settled in Nisabur until he passed away there. His knowledge became predominant among the people of Khurasan.  Tarikh Madinat as-Salam (7/363)


His Teachers

Among his teachers are:

  • Fudhayl bin Iyadh
  • Jarir bin Abd al-Hamid ar-Razi
  • Sufyan bin Uyaynah
  • Abd ar-Rahman bin Mahdi
  • Abd Allah bin Wahb
  • Al-Walid bin Muslim
  • Waki’ bin al-Jarrah
  • Yahya bin Sa’eed al-Qattan
  • Sulayman bin Harb
  • From the ones who also narrated from him are his eldest teachers such as Yahya bin Adam and Baqiyah bin al-Walid, and among his contemporaries Ahmad bin Hanbal and Yahya bin Ma’een.And a great many others. Tarikh Madinat as-Salam (7/362) and Tahthib al-Kamal (2/373-376) and Siyar A’lam an-Nubala by ath-Thahabi (11/359)


His Students

His Famous students are

  • Muhammad bin Ishaq (his son)
  • Abd ar-Rahman ad-Darimi
  • Muhammad bin Nasr al-Marwazi
  • Abul-Abbas as-Sarraj


His Works

His famous books are

  • Al-Musnad
  • Kitab Al Tafsir
  • Kitab al Ilm, Al-Mu’jam al-Mufahras (pgs. 58 & 109)


Status among Scholars

  • Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal was asked about Ishaq bin Rahwayh, so he said: “ Ishaq bin Rahwayh is being asked about? To us, Ishaq is among the Imams of the Muslims .” Al-Jarh wat-Ta’dil by Ibn Abi Hatim (2/210)
  • Abu Hatim ar-Razi said: “Ishaq bin Rahwayh is an Imam among the Imams of the Muslims” Al-Jarh wat-Ta’dil (2/210)
  • An-Nasa’i said about him while naming his teachers: “One of the Imams.” Tasmiyat Mashaykh an-Nasa’i (p. 62)
  • Ibn Khuzaimah said: “By Allah, even if Ishaq bin Ibrahim al-Handhali had been present among the Tabi’een, truly they would acknowledge his memory, knowledge and jurisprudence.” Tarikh Madinat as-Salam
  • Ibn Hibban said: “Ishaq was from among the masters of his time in jurisprudence, science, memorization, and insight whereof books were compiled, and the Prophetic traditions were subdivided; he defended it and dispelled whoever differed with it.” Kitab al Thiqat of Ibn Hibban (8/116)
  • Al-Khatib al-Baghdadisaid: “He was one of the Imams of the Muslims, knowledgeable from the notables of the religion, there was gathered in him (the knowledge of) Hadith and jurisprudence, good memory and truthfulness, piety and abstention.” Tarikh Madinat as-Salam (7/362)
  • Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani said about him: “Trustworthy, a memorizer of narrations, an independent jurist (mujtahid), close companion of Ahmad bin Hanbal.” Taqrib at-Tahthib by Ibn Hajar (1/126)


His death

He died in Naisabur in the year 238H. on the 14th of Sha’ban and he was 75 years old. Tarikh al-Awsat by al-Bukhari- called at-Tarikh as-Saghir (4/1036)




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