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Abu Abdullah, Malik Bin Anas Bin Malik Bin Amer Al-Asbahi was born in Madina in the year 93 AH (714 CE). His ancestral home was in Yemen, but his grandfather settled in Madina after embracing Islam. Malik became the Imam of Madina, and one of the most renowned Imams of Islam. He received his education in Medina, which was the most important seat of Islamic learning, and where the immediate descendants of the Companions of the Prophet lived. Imam Malik was highly attracted to the study of law, and devoted his entire interest to the study of Fiqh.


As He was born in the era of Taabi'een, Malik acquired great knowledge from many famous Taabi'een, jurists and also muhadditheen.


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His teachers

He received his education in what was the most important seat of Islamic learning, Madina, and where lived the immediate descendants and followers of the Companions of the Prophet (Peace be upon him). He acquired Qur'anic teachings from Naafe' and Abdur Rahmaan other than Naafe'; He sought knowledge from others too. Namely, Abdur Rahmaan Ibn Hurmuz, Safwaan Ibn Sulaym, Ibn Shihaab Zuhri etc.


Due to his intelligence, efforts, zeal and determination, upon reaching the age of 17, he had acquired a vast amount of Islamic knowledge which was of great standard and it was at this very age, with the approval of his teachers and scholars that he commenced teaching and conducting theories.


On Fatawa

Also, Malik saw Fatwa as a sensitive, precise and important action that can have far-reaching results, and used to be extremely careful about giving it to the extent that if he was not sure about a matter, he would not dare to talk about it. Al-Haytham said, “I once was with Malik when he was asked more than 40 questions and I heard him reply, ‘I do not know,’ to 32 of them.” Yet, he was the man about whom Ash-Shafi’ee said, “When scholars are mentioned, Malik is like the star among them.” Malik said that he did not sit to give Fatwa, before 70 of the Madina scholars first witnessed to his competence in doing so. [1]


His book

He is the author of Al-Muwatta (“The Approved”), the book of narrations from the Prophet (Peace be upon Him) together with the sayings of his companions, their followers, and those after them. Malik said, “I showed my book to 70 scholars of Madina, and every single one of them approved it for me, so I named it ‘The Approved’.”


Scholars on Muwatta

Imam Bukhari said that the soundest of all chains of transmission was “Malik, from Nafi, from Ibn Umar.” The scholars of Hadith call it the Golden Chain, and there are 80 narrations with this chain in the Muwatta. Malik composed Al-Muwatta in the course of 40 years, having started with 10,000 narrations until he reduced them to their present number of a little less than 2,000.






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