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Uthman bin Sa`eed Ad-Darimi, full name is Al-Hafidh Uthman bin Saeed bin Khalid Ad-Darimi As-Sijistani. He lived in Herat, and traveled many regions; he traveled to Hijaz, Iraq, Sham , Egypt, and other countries. He stayed in Jurjan in 273 H. He met in those lands the prominant Huffadh (scholars of hadith) Tarikh Jurjan (1/298)


Table of Contents


His teachers

He learned Hadith and its sciences from:

- Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal

- Ishaq bin Rahwaih

- Yahya bin Ma'een

- Ali bin al Madini

And others.

He studied Fiqh under Al-Buwaiti, the companion of Imam Shafi'i, and Arabic linguistics from Abu Abdullah Ibn Al-A`rabi.  Al-Jarh wa Ta'deel by Ibn Abi Hatim (6/153); Tarikh Madinat Dimashq (38/365); Siyar A'lam Nubala (13/320)


His Students

- His son: Muhammad bin Uthman.

- Al Mu'ammal bin Al-Hasan bin Isaa.

- Abul Abbas Ahmad bin Al-Azhar.

- Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Abdoos At-Tara'ifi.

- Hamed Ar-Rafa'

And others.  Tarikh Madinat Dimashq (38/362); Siyar A'lam Nubala (13/320-321)


Status among Scholars'

- Ibn Hibban mentioned him in Thiqat (Trustworthy ones), and said: "One of the Imams of the world, he narrates from Abu al Waleed and the people of Iraq." Ath-Thiqat by Ibn Hibban (8/455)


Adh-Dhahabisaid about him: "The Imam, Allamah, the Hafidh, the Critic ... he was persevere upon the Sunnah, and well-versed in debating."Siyar A'lam Nubala (13/320 & 322-323)


His Works

- A large Musnad (19)

- Ar-Rad ala al-Jahmiya (Refuting Jahmiya)

- Naqd or Ar-Rad ala Bishr al Mirrisi (Replying to the heretic Bishr al Mirrisi d. 218 H.) Siyar A'lam Nubala (13/319); Tabaqat Shafi'yah Kubra (2/304); Al-A'lam by Az-Zarkali (4/205)

His Death

He passed away in Dhul Hijjah, 280 Hijri.




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