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Al-Nu'man bin Thabit bin Zuti al-Kufi popularly known as abu Hanifa. He was a Taabai, Scholar of Fiqh (Jurisprudence). His father, Thabit, was a successful businessman in Kufa and thus the young Abu Hanifa intended to follow in his father’s footsteps. 


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Birth Date and Place

He was born in 80 AH/699 CE in the place of Kufa, Iraq.


His studies

Abu Haneefah began his earlier studies in the field of philosophy and dialectics known as ‘Ilm al-Kalaam, but after mastering its various disciplines, he left it and went into an in depth study of Fiqh and Hadeeth.


His Teachers

He chose as his main teacherk, Hammaad ibn Zayd, who was among the greatest scholars of Hadeeth of his time. Abu Haneefah studied under him for eighteen years. During this time he became qualified to teach, but instead remained Hammad’s student until the latter died in the year 742 CE. After Hammaad’s death Abu Haneefah took up the position of teacher at the age of forty and became the most outstanding scholar in Kufah. 


His Students

The most famous of Abu Haneefah’s students were Zufar ibn al-Hudhayl, Abu Yoosuf and Muhammad ibn al-Hasan.


Death Date and Place

He died naturally in the year150 AH/767 CE in Baghdad, Iraq.




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