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Hateem is a semi-circular section which originally from the part Kaaba but was not incorporated into the Kaaba when the Kaaba was rebuilt. we should include the Hateem in our circumambulations. [1]


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Many people call the Hijr as “Hijr Ismaa’eel”, but in fact Ismaa’eel (Peace be upon him) had nothing to do with it and it is not his Hijr. Rather this Hijr came into being when Quraysh ran short of cash, when they wanted to rebuild the Ka’bah, and they did not have enough resources to build the Ka’bah on the foundations of Ibraaheem, so they left this side out of it, and it was called hateem and hijr; so Ismaa’eel knew nothing of it and had nothing to do with it. [2]



Ayesha (RA) narrated that she longed to enter the Ka’bah and pray (Salah) therein. So, Allah’s Messengertook her by her hand and admitted her into the hijr (Hateem) and said to her, “Offer the Salah, if you like to enter the House, for it is a part of the House. Your people made it small when they built the Ka’bah and took this out of the House.”Musnad Ahmed 24670, Abu Dawud 2028 and  Jami` at-Tirmidhi 876 [3]


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