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Finger-print: An impression on a surface of the curves formed by the ridges on a fingertip, especially such an impression made in ink and used as a means of identification.[1]    


Even with the recent advancements made in the field of DNA analysis, the science of fingerprinting is still commonly used as a form of identification, whether it has been taken in the traditional way using ink and paper or scanned into a computer database. Fingerprint identification is based on the classification of fingerprint patterns, which can not only prove that a person was present at a crime scene, but can also be used to compare with the stored fingerprints of millions of other known criminals. [2]


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Year of Discovery



Scientist Associated

Sir Golt. German anatomist Johann Christoph Andreas Mayer (1747–1801) recognized in 1788 that fingerprints are unique to each individual, while English magistrate Sir William James Herschel (1833–1918) initiated fingerprinting in British India in 1858. [3]


Qur’anic Ayah

Allah (Glory be to Him) Almighty emphasized the fingertips when He talked about resurrecting our full and complete original identities.  Allah (Glory be to Him) Almighty clearly declared that the fingertips are unique in every human.


Allah (Glory be to Him) says in the Qur’an that in the resurrection, bring back every single human being in every original detail of his/her including his/her fingertips. Qur’an.Surah Qiyamah 75:4. This ayath talks about the uniqueness of finger-tips by stressing on the word “the very tips of his fingers”. [4]


Scientific facts

  • Finger prints are formed in the embryo at the fourth month, and remain fixed and distinct all along man’s life.

  • Finger prints are a record of curvatures that arise due to the fusion between the epidermis with the dermis.

  • These curvatures differ from one person to another, and they never match or correspond among all humans.

  • Finger prints have become the best method to identify persons.  In 858, the English Scientist, William Herschel, pointed out that finger prints differ with the difference of their holders, thus rendering them as distinctive feature evidence for each person. [5]



The emphasis that Allah (Glory be to Him) has put on finger-prints has a very special meaning. This is because the shapes and details on everyone’s fingerprint are unique. No two fingerprints are identical and who except Allah (Glory be to Him) could have ingeniously designed unique finger-tips for each individual that has ever walked or are likely to walk on the face of this earth. [6]










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