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Catalan is the common language of Spain used at school and its use is standardizing the media, financial world and cultural productions. A survey carried out by the Statistical Institute of Catalonia (IDESCAT) in 2007 indicated that three out of four residents in Catalonia can speak and write Catalan. With regard to Spanish, nearly all citizens understand (98.9%) and speak it (96.4%). Catalan is the ninth most spoken language in the European Union. ” The tenth most translated language in the world and taught in 166 universities. Every year, 10,000 titles are edited in Catalan.


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Official language

93.8% of the citizens of Catalonia understand Catalan, the official language along with Spanish and Aranese. It is therefore situated ahead of 14 official languages of the European Union and it is the ninth most spoken language.  


Other countries

Other countries where this language is being used are Northeast, around Barcelona; Catalonia, Valencia provinces, Balearic Islands; Carche region, Murcia Province. Menorquin is Menorca. Pallarese, in Pallars. Ribagorçan from Aran Valley to south of Tamarit, and from Noguera Ribagorçana to border with Aragonese. Also in Algeria, Andorra, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela


Language development

Literacy rate in first Language: 60%. Literacy rate in second Language: 96%. High literacy in Catalan (60%) is recent. Pallarese and Ribogorçan speakers have less education, less contact with standard, and live in high valleys of the Pyrenees.


Regulatory body

1. Institut d'Estudis Catalans

2. Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua


Number of speakers  

It has 11,200,000 speakers in Spain as first language as per the statistics of year 2006. This language is also used as second language in many countries and it has 11,530,160 speakers.


Catalan Content on websites

It ranks as 33 among all internet language content and the Content percentage is 0.1%



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