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A cosmological theory holding that the universe originated approximately 20 billion years ago from the violent explosion of a very small agglomeration of matter of extremely high density and temperature. [1]


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Year of discovery

In 1965, a couple of scientists  Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson made a Noble Prize winning discovery that confirmed the Bing Bang theory. [2] 




"Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them…” (Quran 21:30) [3]


[He is] Originator of the heavens and the earth. How could He have a son when He does not have a companion and He created all things? And He is, of all things, Knowing. [4]


This Quranic ayath has explained a mystery that was unknown to the greatest physicists and astronauts for centuries. The verse reveals that the heavens and earth at the beginning were joined together, and then they were separated. Recent advancements in astronomy especially the Big Bang theory of the creation of the universe support this Quranic statement. The Big Bang theory says that about 2 billion years ago (...that's quite a bit...) the universe began with an explosive expansion of a single extremely condensed state of matter. The Nobel Prize for science in 1977 was awarded for this discovery, whereas the Quran solved this mystery centuries ago. [5]



Word used for BIG BANG in Qur’an

 the Arabic words ratq and fataq are used.  The word ratqcan be translated into “entity” “sewn to” “joined together” or “closed up”.  The meaning of these translations all circulate around something that is mixed and that has a separate and distinct existence.  The verb fataq is translated into “We unstitched” “We clove them asunder” “We separated” or “We have opened them”.  These meanings imply that something comes into being by an action of splitting or tearing apart.  The sprouting of a seed from the soil is a good example of a similar illustration of the meaning of the verb fataq.



Allah is The Creator and Originator of The Universe

With the introduction of the Big Bang theory, it soon became clear to Muslim scholars that the details mentioned with regards to the theory go identically hand in hand with the description of the creation of the universe in ayath 30 of Surah 21 of the Quran.  The theory states that all the matter in the universe came into existence from one single extremely hot and dense point; that exploded and brought about the beginning of the universe, matches what is mentioned in the verse that the heaven and Earth (thus the universe) where once joined together, and  then split apart.  Once again, the only possible explanation is that Prophet Muhammad(S) had truly received divine revelation from Allah (The God), The Creator and Originator of the universe. [6]









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