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Al-Yasa (Peace be upon Him) was the Prophet of Allah سبحانه و تعالى and the cousin and spiritual successor of the Prophet Ilyas (Peace be upon Him). He is mentioned 2 times in the Qur'an.


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One day Ilyas (Peace be upon Him) passed through the fields while the owner Al-Yasa (Peace be upon Him) was busy in ploughing.  No sooner had the owner seen the Prophet (Peace be upon Him) than he abdicated his own work and approached Ilyas (Peace be upon Him) in hot haste.  Al-Yasa (Peace be upon Him) began to follow him.  The Prophet (Peace be upon Him) was much surprised and remarked: Why do you accompany me after leaving your own work? Al-Yasa (Peace be upon Him) retraced his steps and fetched his ox.  He slaughtered it, lit the fire and cooked the beef.  He fed Ilyas (Peace be upon Him), his companions and many other guests to seek the pleasure of Allah سبحانه و تعالى.  The Prophet Muhammad (May Allah honor Him and grant Him Peace) (Peace be upon Him) was much pleased with the host for his sincerity, hospitality and righteousness. 


When Ilyas (Peace be upon Him) was about to depart, Al-Yasa (Peace be upon Him) expressed his keen desire to live in the company of his honourable guest during the rest of his life and serve him whole heartedly as a humble servant.  As the noble attitude of Al-Yasa (Peace be upon Him) had enamoured Ilyas (Peace be upon Him), the latter accorded him permission without hesitation.  When the Prophet Ilyas (Peace be upon Him) was on his death-bed, he wished to bid him farewell.  AL-Yasa (Peace be upon Him) was not prepared to leave him.  Then Ilyas (Peace be upon Him) asked him to express any of his desires to be fulfilled.  Al-Yasa (Peace be upon Him) said: I wish that Allah (Glory be to Him) may bestow blessings upon me in the same way as He has blessed you.  The Prophet Ilyas (Peace be upon Him) supplicated and invoked blessings of Allah (Glory be to Him) upon his successor.  His prayer was granted.  Allah (Glory be to Him) chose Al-Yasa (Peace be upon Him) as His Prophet after the death of Ilyas (Peace be upon Him).  He derived spiritual magnificence from the company of his guide and became the favourite of Allah (Glory be to Him).


After some time he proceeded to Yariha to preach the religion of Allah (Glory be to Him).   The inhabitants of that locality gave him a warm reception.  At that time they were under the spell of starvation.  The land was barren and water was not available.   Al-Yasa (Peace be upon Him) supplicated to Allah (Glory be to Him) to show mercy to the famine-stricken people.  His prayer was granted and Allah (Glory be to Him) showered his bounties upon them.


His Mentioning in Qur’an

Al-Yasa (Peace be upon Him) has been mentioned twice in the Holy Qur'an:

“And remember Ismail and Al-Yasha and Zulkifl; and they were all of the best.” Qur’an.Surah Sad 38:48.


“And Zakariya and Yahya and Isa and Ilyas; everyone was of the good; And Ismail and Al-Yasha and Yunus and Lut; and every one We made to excel (in) the worlds. And from among their fathers and their descendants and their brethren, and We chose them and guided them into the right way.” Qur’an.Surah Anaam 6: 85-87.



Tafseer Ibn Kathir

Stories of the Prophets by Ibn Kathir


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